Artist. Producer. Songwriter.
AGAT’s music delivers a unique signature fusion of electronic motifs, tantalizing beats and powerful thematic discussion.\
Tackling society's addiction to glutenous and materialistic behaviors, AGAT’s take on modern day social issues is highlighted through her direct lyrical address and fire fuelled beats.
Her sophomore album ‘With The Incrowd’, produced by Gal oved, dropped march 2022 and features interesting collaborations with artists such as Zelooperz, Egozi, Gido and Pink Siifu.
Interweaved with a clever blend of hard hitting and down-tempo tracks, ‘With The Incrowd’ creates space for AGAT to deliver a range of impressive vocal performances, including a delicate expression of vulnerability through tracks such as ‘Celebration’, emphasizing AGAT’s diversity as an artist determined to defy genre norms.
AGAT’s ability to demonstrate raw emotion by combining electronic timbres and powerful synth motifs amounts to a stellar album, cementing her in a league of her own as she delivers her unique modern twist on popular genres.