Songwriter. Composer.
Ido “Benji” Ben Efraim comes from a Hip-Hop background with previous releases in the past as “ Ben Jee “. His childhood involved relocating a lot with his family moving from country to country, From Nicosia, Cyprus to growing up most of his life in São Paulo, Brazil, and then moving to Israel. Benji changed schools many times leading to a more introverted life. \
The more time he spent alone the more music he heard to help understand his feelings. This road leads him to writing lyrics  and singing as a way to express himself, pass time,  or cope with mental distress. Influenced by various genres from Pop punk to post core, trip hop and hip hop, Benji cites artists like Blink 182, Muse,  Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean just to name a few as his influences on how he carved his touch of words and vocals.
Today Benji blends his style of alternative with modern as the singer/songwriter andt the ½ of Coruja Blu.