Artist. Producer.

Raz Ulukaya aka ‘Lory Kay’ created the identity of Lory Kay as a project to help him communicate his emotions and express himself through music.

He grew up between two different countries,

mostly at a small village in northern Israel with farm animals & wheat fields

and an old-fashioned village in western Turkey (His father's homeland),
surrounded by hundred year old olive trees &  water wells.

His parents house is always filled with art, his mother & father are both true artists & adventurers, painters and musicians living life by total freedom art & discoveries.

Raz's parents encouraged his art and kept him amply supplied with materials, music magazines, and books for graphic design.

Around 2017 his parents went to travel the world leaving him & his sister alone in Israel,

Ever since then he's been on an ongoing journey with his laptop,camera, mic and guitar creating art wherever & whenever possible, exploring different parts of his country & others towards the end goal, to find his identity.

His passion for music evolved from playing the piano at age of 8, listening to his dad's Jazz,Punk,Rock & Electronic music Vinyl collection and playing the electric guitar until the small hours.