Producer. Artist. Creative.

Daniel Itach, better known as Neshama (Hebrew: נשמה - Jewish notion of the ‘soul’), he/they/them are 23yr Haifa City-born Moroccan, the pioneering Israeli-flavored HyperPop producer & composer, blends complex Hip Hop beats, and Bedroom-Ish Pop sounds with vocal manipulations and sensibilities of the ethnical Holyand’s synths hooks both exciting and memorable that never come close to sounding predictable or conventional, where the local media frequently been compared/described his style as the Israeli “Flume”, until mid-2022, Neshama remained anonymous, asking to be judged by his music/visuals alone.  

His sleek style was influenced by SOPHIE, Skrillex, Mura Masa, and iglooghost, subsequently featuring notable Dubstep with collaborators (Whales and Sultan) and remote studio work for Tech N9ne ‘BLIGHT’ EP that has charted in several countries, in short time, he became in increasingly high demand, working with numerous musicians in a variety of underground genres in Israeli industry.

Daniel's seemingly boundless creativity escalates even beyond the music as a modern illustrator, classical painter, and graffiti artist who self-designs his clothing line and often contributes those skills to his collaborators.

Neshama LIVE @ Barby Tel Aviv