Electronic Duo. Producers.

Stereotype producers duo / live act and visual artists make up the dynamic duo, Adam & Leon childhood friends, Soviet Union-born immigrated to Tel Aviv, with a remarkable life story, humble began as bedroom producers, and since have garnered attention for quality releases on notable labels such as Lowly by Trap Nation, NCS, and GQR, and their high-gloss productions, their signature sound, a seamless blend of Futuristic Pop and Hyper Beats, showcases their passion for versatility and genre-bending. They have collaborated with various talented vocalists, from crystal-clear singers to heavily autotuned rappers, highlighting their unique glitching bass sound design. Their authentic sound and lifestyle continue to solidify their place in the electronic world, With a clear vision for 2023 and a future of consistently pushing boundaries into Hybrid Hip Hop style and exciting their fans, Stereotype is poised for continued success in the industry